5 Uncommon Verbs to Better Experience Life in 2019. (Yes, 2019)

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by Mark Tomaszewicz

Now that you’ve blown up your January resolutions, let’s focus on real ways you can act differently from February on!

10 ways to do…

25 simple things to try when…

293 different ways to change your…

I’m sure the advice is helpful, but chances are that if you read a handful of these, the articles will start to contradict each other.

Be intentional in making decisions. / Don’t think, act.

Cram more in. / Strip more away.

Choose “yes” always. / Say “no” more often.

Spend more time alone. / Spend more time with others.

Most to-do lists reflect what worked in the writer’s life — in their circumstances, at a particular time. In other words, the “to-dos” may not be right for you, and they may not work for you. With that in mind, I want to humbly offer you five verbs to consider as you journey through the year.

Since we are what we repeatedly do, the habits you create in 2018 will set the stage for a brilliant 2019. I won’t promise that these words will change your life — that’s up to you. But, I am certain you’ll create more opportunities for meaningful moments.

End indifference to things that matter. Consider what you stand for and speak up (and out) about it. Don’t be a mugwump. Have an opinion and share it, respectfully. If others are offended, that is their choice to make.

Bring forth your inner Thoreau — see, hear, taste, smell and touch (with permission) what’s around you. I’m always fascinated when I go on a hike with my wife. I’m typically a “get to the top as fast as you can” guy, and because of that I miss so much. She finds the small flowers, the animal prints and the hatch from Lost simply by choosing to notice.

We often hold back praise because of our own inadequacies, not the inadequacies of others. If people do great stuff (even if you think they are supposed to) let them know. I’m not talking about puffing someone up unnecessarily, but there is nothing wrong with telling someone they did something pretty rad.

I dig Eleanor Roosevelt’s quote, “Do one thing every day that scares you.” Risk isn’t always about doing something scary, but it does come with uncertainty. Be proactive in taking risks — not dumb risks but not ones that are too safe either. It could mean walking down an unfamiliar street, becoming the newbie in a group or talking to a stranger — or it can be something completely unique to you.

Whether in polite or impolite company, don’t stifle laughter. This world needs more laughter, or more specifically, more loud, boisterous laughter. So, practice your guffaw and deploy it at will. I guarantee it will make the world a better place, if only for a moment, and that’s plenty long enough.

Again, these verbs won’t necessarily change your life, but if they lead to you acting differently than you did before you read them, then they will be a catalyst for something. As a wise man once said, “No change, no change”.

Cheers to 2019!

Written while listening to AHI.

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