A Brand on a Mission to Help People Love Work

Written by Shawn Parr

The Founder and CEO, Jason Shah of Do.com shares how he creates an environment that promotes joy at work.

We spend countless hours at work. Oftentimes more hours than doing the things we love with the people we love. Do what you love, love what you do, is not a mantra, but a life principle we should all put into practice.

Meaningful work helps employees see that what they do every day has impact.

Work is how humankind moves forward, yet many people don’t enjoy it. Meetings are part and parcel to the lack of satisfaction at work because of how poorly they are typically run. Do.com wants to make people feel like they’re getting more out of their everyday lives by helping them become more efficient, and ultimately, producing meaningful work that can improve our world.

How many times have you walked out of a meeting and thought, “Damn that was pointless?”

Do.com is determined to change that by helping facilitate more productive meetings. They’re helping thousands of companies around the world, like Facebook, Apple, and Google, run better, shorter (and even less) meetings. Their software helps tackle problems like lack of follow-up, accountability and organization in meetings. They do this by bringing structure, transparency, and automation into the room.

A company born to solve problems and promote efficiency.

Do’s CEO previously worked at Yammer, a collaboration product aimed at improving communication at work. In 2012, Microsoft acquired Yammer, and as with many acquisitions, the culture and communication platform grew victim to the inefficiencies seen in many large organizations. Shah saw that one of the issues causing these inefficiencies were unproductive meetings, so he funneled his frustration into creating an opportunity to solve the problem. Shah left Yammer and began his mission to rid the world of unproductive meetings–and Do.com was born.

Do.com ensures that their employees love what they do.

Do’s company culture is focused and fun. They share a strong passion for their community and the impact they have on it, and they have a healthy respect for the merit of ideas over titles or bureaucracy. As a team, Do stays hyper-focused while aligning the company towards achieving its vision, mission and goals. Do leadership focuses on connection and spirit, because they understand it marries team cohesiveness among departments and helps their people be collectively efficient and happy.

The result is a team that loves their jobs at Do.com because they know they’re part of something meaningful in the world. As a way to help their employees succeed, Do recognizes individual talents. Shah says, “Ultimately it boils down to us understanding what motivates our employees and then responding to that in a way that is authentic to our culture.” From a genuine thank you to acknowledging the impact of a new feature built by an engineer, Do ensures that their employees know their work is meaningful.

Do helps people love their work — join the revolution.

Originally posted on the Bulldog Drummond Blog.

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