At Bulldog, we love to celebrate. Of course we honor all of the major holidays, but we also look for little reasons to pop open a bottle of good champagne throughout the year — even reasons as seemingly mundane as the weather. In the U.S., we still look for the groundhog’s shadow each February, but there are uncommon weather holidays spanning the globe that we’re equally as excited to celebrate.

St. Swithun’s Day is a celebrated holiday inspired by weather folklore in the United Kingdom each July 15th. According to the legend, it’s believed that if it rains on St. Swithun’s Day, it will rain continuously for the next 40 days. If the weather is fair, 40 days of pleasant temperatures will follow.

The tradition dates back to the mid-ninth century when St. Swithun of Winchester was laid to rest with a simple request, to be buried in the churchyard where rain could grace his grave. His posthumous wish was granted for over a hundred years until one year on July 15 when his body was exhumed and moved inside the cathedral — and a great storm ensued.

As it turns out, weather patterns typically begin to change mid-summer so chances are the storm was the result of climate patterns rather than a disgruntled saint. But nonetheless, we’re recognizing this day as a nod to history and centuries-old beliefs.

And to those of us residing in California and preserving ever drop of water in our current water crisis, we’d happily invite St. Swithun here for an extended stay and hold out hope that the old wive’s tale may still hold a bit of truth.

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