Written by Lola Matos

He’s self-absorbed. He’s an asshole. A perpetual asshole at that, and the only thing that really trumps the assholes of the world are the perpetual assholes. What people didn’t know then is that they were too focused on how he lacked compassion and warmth instead of realizing he was too brilliant for his own good.

I wasn’t fortunate enough to know this perpetual asshole, but I allowed myself to get infected by his wrath. Not his wrath of assholeness, but his wrath of brilliance. At the time, the adjective, “brilliance” would have been questioned when used in the same sentence as his name. Today, there is no doubt. So, why was everyone so busy questioning this man and his brilliance rather than jumping on his bandwagon and absorbing his momentum? The answer is simple, and it’s one that commonly detains us all.



noun: fear; plural noun: fears

An unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain, or a threat.

Fear is the answer. Not to discredit the popular belief, “a little fear never hurt anybody” because yes of course, this driver stops us from doing highly irrational things like committing felonies or going to work naked. But that very reason, fear, is also why we find ourselves adopting routines and sticking to the norm, because it’s safe. We already allow the element of fear to linger in our leisure, so why not professionally? We watch horror films, ride questionably safe rollercoasters, and even book that trip. Now, why not take the proper dose of fear into the workplace Monday morning and see what opportunities present themselves, rather than pondering, “What if?”

When implementing the proper dose of fear into your life, the worst thing that can happen is nothing at all. Worst-case scenario, the experience of failure fuels the ability to nail it next time. We must do ourselves the favor and be innovators rather than laggards. Better yet, get infected by the wrath of the perpetual, self-absorbed asshole that was Steve Jobs. Create a vision that your audience doesn’t even know they want to se

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