Innovate with Purpose by Living Full Out

Written by Nancy Solari

Leading a company towards innovation is difficult — but it’s possible. You might ask yourself: How can I continue to improve in my leadership role? How can I move my business forward and create a lasting impact? What can I do today to guarantee my company is the best it can be?While there is no silver bullet, rejuvenating passion and realizing potential can help establish the legacy you want create for your company. And what we’ve found at Living Full Out is that it’s the combination of one’s purpose and one’s professional position that creates highly effective leaders.

Aligning purpose for a common goal

Recognizing their purpose allows management to amplify their presence within a company. They become empowered to change the game, create momentum and transfer their enthusiasm to their employees. Using this energy, leaders can tap into their team’s abilities and blow away limits. By allowing personal empowerment to effect their professional role, leaders can redefine the way they conduct business. Because it’s only after discovering a leader’s personal purpose that goals and strategies can be established that will benefit the company and its progression towards innovation.

Across every industry, companies are looking for newer, better and more advanced ways to innovate. An essential element of this progress, and a key to its success, is dynamic leadership — leadership that displays urgency and optimism within an organization. At Living Full Out, we have discovered that our best work occurs when we embody this type of leadership in each of our individual roles, searching for better ways to reach our client community. This kind of dedication stimulates pride and excitement in our personnel and creates excellent results.

Cultivating innovation through dynamic leadership

For any business, innovation can be cultivated by evaluating and improving existing company operations and searching for gaps in performance. By honing critical thinking and analytical skills, management can create a more proficient way to conduct their business. But at the end of the day, leaders are responsible for their employees. So how can they ensure that their staff continues to do top-notch work — by being trailblazers who inspire their employees through constructive feedback and action, adding value in areas where it lacks and creating an encouraging work environment where innovation can prosper, reflective of inspired guidance. It’s through this adoption of a productive work ethic and the proficient allocation of resources that leaders can harness innovation.

Give employees room to be flexible and versatile when problem-solving

There is no one right way to revolutionize a company — being versatile is key in finding a method that suits a business and its mission. But what does it mean to be versatile? How can it lead to innovation? Through flexibility, leaders can alter the development of their company, changing its course for the better. In this environment, employees have the freedom to adapt in their positions and the liberty to be more creative, giving them the confidence to self-manage.

When faced with new situations or the need to respond to a problem, we have found that versatility is essential in being innovative. Flexibility allows one to be fluid in their actions and use forward-thinking to dictate the business’s next steps. This is critical in creating a company that is always moving forward.

Employees are the lifeblood of any business

They are a community, a group of people, working tirelessly towards a common goal, providing unique and excellent service to customers. Leaders will ask themselves: How will innovation affect my employees? How can my team bring change to customers?

Brainstorming new ideas and methods of connecting with consumers will strengthen any business’s mission. By analyzing a company’s consumer demographics, employees can present their business with a more customized style, tailoring their approach for the individual customer. Innovation is hard, but it’s an exciting opportunity that can drive a company towards evolving their vision. While it’s difficult, innovation can open doors for company leaders — if they’re willing to walk through them.

Discovering your purpose as a business can guide your employees to grow individually and professionally, and having leaders that embrace their roles, inspiring others by example, can help spur innovation within your organization. Exercising versatility will also allow your company to ignite each team member’s potential, sparking passion throughout the company. Working as a team and thinking like a community will help you provide better, more innovative services to your customers. In all this, advancement and evolution is possible by innovating with purpose and living full out.

Originally posted on the Bulldog Drummond Blog.

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