Inspiring and Teaching Through Design

Bulldog believes in giving back. We also believe that design is a crucial tool for creating good. These fundamental beliefs are at the core of our business and are powerful forces for developing minds and the world at large.

We work alongside many creative folks in large and small organizations and are lucky to have no shortage of opportunities to engage in the common good. We encourage our team to explore causes that mean something to them and we support them with time and resources. Recently, two of our design thinkers worked with AIGA’s Link Program to expose high school students to art, design and critical thinking.

AIGA is one of the largest community of design advocates and practitioners in the U.S. And LINK is an AIGA San Diego program that connects teens in need with artists and creative professionals, encouraging expression, creativity and self-esteem through workshops and educational scholarships. Each year, students who could benefit from artistic, motivational and financial assistance are chosen to help establish their careers and life goals.

Brett Jorgensen and Katie Schultz, two of Bulldog’s design team, joined forces with the AIGA Link program alongside a team of volunteers this past month to inspire and teach high school students to design and customize a skateboard deck.

As the guest leaders of the workshop, they introduced students to the concept of Design Thinking which, in short, uses empathy and iteration as tools to solve problems and expand ideas. They led a brainstorm session, using a mind map and association techniques where they explored the fringes of a concept. The students were then set loose to brainstorm their concepts and sketch ideas before designing and painting their finished pieces.

“It was great to see them exploring ideas with the brainstorming and then moving onto thumbnail sketches to plan out the design. There were some pretty deep concepts, especially for early on a Saturday morning.” –Brett

After the brainstorming and planning, the students used art supplies donated by AIGA to create their designs. Pencils, paints, markers, acrylics, and spray cans all fueled the creative spirit of the young group and helped bring their concepts to life.

“It was great to see so many talented kids come from different environments and created amazing art.” –Katie

The results are nothing less than inspiring. And the experience of doing good for the young minds of tomorrow will not be soon forgotten.


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