Meaningful Textiles Making A Difference In People’s Lives

Written by Shawn Parr

The retail space has experienced a shift over the past century. Consumers want to make purchases that stand for something much larger than the products themselves. They care about purchases they can feel good about and are interested in products’ life cycles. Consumers today want to be engaged with the designers, manufacturers and companies that make the products they wear and use.

KK itnl. is brand that’s guided by transparency and connecting their customers to their products in meaningful ways. As a non-profit lifestyle brand, they focus their time and energy empowering women to rise above poverty by providing jobs, education and mentorship in Uganda and Peru. The products they sell are made in the regions they serve, helping to provide a more sustainable future for the people living in those communities.

By creating goods that give back, today in Uganda and Peru over 200 people are working, receiving an education and being mentored for a brighter future through KK itnl. The beautiful hand-made products created by the locals are sold online the collaboration has created a sustainable cycle of employment and empowerment for the women who make them.

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Most recently, Krochet Kids embarked on a bigger conversation with consumers through The World’s Greatest Beanie campaign. The beanie is environmentally sustainable and has a completely transparent supply chain — consumers are introduced to the very people who create the product at every step of its development. The beanie campaign is focused on educating consumers and hopes to inspire retailers to have a more transparent acquisition and supply chain process.

Krochet Kids shares their social responsibility by consistently exploring new ways to invite consumers to support them through meaningful relationships. Using textiles and apparel as an inroad, consumers can support people living in rural poverty to reach their first step on the development ladder. KK itnl. is helping to shape evolving communities with positive change while making a significant difference in people’s lives.

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To find out more about The World’s Greatest Beanie visit Kickstarter:

Originally posted on the Bulldog Drummond Uncommon Blog.

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