Oreo Creates an Uncommon Pop-Up Experience

In February of this year, Oreo created the “Oreo Wonder Vault” off 18th street in the heart of New York City. Since then, it has already attracted thousands of Oreo fanatics and curious passersby. The pop-up experience was developed with the intention of creating a unique brand experience around food prototyping.

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This interactive experience invites people to become a part of the brand in really unique way. Consumers are encouraged to actively engage and interact with the products — rather than just seeing them on shelves or on television, magazine or social media ads. The brand experience is memorable and fun — and other retail and food brands should take note.

Adweek referred to the design experience as something “like a portal” and the likely place where “new Oreo flavors magically appear.” And indeed, that is apparently what’s happening. When someone approaches the mysterious door (which looks exactly like a giant Oreo), they might just receive a package of Oreos with a flavor that isn’t even on retail shelves yet — an experience that true Oreo fanatics could only dream of. And, with as many as 50 prototype flavors and more than 100 additional ideas in the Oreo Wonder Vault at any given time — there likely never to be short on visitors.

We’re sure we’ll see more design experiences like these from other big brands in the months and years to come.

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