Our 2016 List of Uncommon Gifts

Here at Bulldog we love great design and innovative ideas, which we strive to incorporate in our holiday gift giving each year. The holidays are an opportunity to show our love for those closest to us with gifts that speak to their unique personalities. It really is the thought that counts, and there is nothing more satisfying than giving someone you love something you know they will cherish. It’s easy to get caught up in the holiday pressure to get everyone something. But we hope our uncommon gift selection will inspire you to find the joy that should accompany gift-giving.


Remind the important people in your life that they matter with these beautiful necklaces from Every Monday Matters. Not only is this gift a great way to remind your loved ones that “what you think, what you feel, what you do, and who you are matters,” but it will also sponsor five new students to enroll in EMM’s YOU MATTER K-12 Education Program.


Know someone who is always misplacing their glasses? This unique, hand-carved wooden statuette adds some decorative flair and practicality to any desk, and they’ll never have to go hunting for their glasses again. Added bonus, this face tells a story. It was created by HSSS, a non-profit in India working to help underprivileged artisans find markets for their wood products. Purchasing this piece will not only support the artisans, but it will also result in a donation to help with programs to support better health, sanitation, and education.


For the person in your life who is obsessed with all things coffee. Now, with these espresso scented candles, they won’t have to wait for their morning coffee to brew for the whole house to smell like caffeine and comfort.


This Travel Kit made from recycled tires is cool, unique, durable, and water resistant. When you’re on the go all the time, you want to make sure that your luggage holds up. It doesn’t hurt that this gift is sold through Global Goods Partners and Friends International, an organization working to reduce the number of children on the street by giving their parents stable jobs and incomes. They’re doing a world of good.


Have that friend who just can’t get enough good quotes or great little nuggets of wisdom? This compilation of advice from people ages 7 to 88 is sure to delight them.


Surprise the game lover in your life with this retro version of the classic Sorry! game. They’ll love the throwback design featuring the original 1939 artwork. It’ll bring shouts of frustration and laughter to the house for many game nights to come.


For that person in your life who just can’t stay inside and loves nothing more than dinner watching the sunset. This cooler, designed to insulate either warm or cold items, is made to look like a basket. All the style and nostalgia of a classic picnic basket with the convenience of a modern cooler.


Ignite some wanderlust in your favorite globetrotter with this cork globe to help them track where they’ve been, and maybe even where they want to go. It’ll add some clean inspiration to their living space.


This educational and stylishly designed set of blocks is great for kids and adults alike. The blocks sit together for a puzzle-style map. Each one of the 50 blocks includes a state shape, bird, flower, motto, tree, and the date it entered the Union. Full of fun facts for the American trivia lover.


This 12x18 print is a spirited source of motivation for your spicy friend who likes fiery reminders to get moving. Maybe save this one for homes without little ones…

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