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Sharing unexpected love will make someone else’s day, and probably yours as well.

With the presidential election around the corner, there’s a lot of focus on negativity and increasing hostility in the media. The news tends to publicize the bad over the good. But contrary to what’s portrayed, the world is much more positive. Every day there are examples of people, companies, and causes doing good and here’s one example in particular that touched us.

Promote Grace is a passion project whose goal is to connect people in a more meaningful way by promoting random acts of kindness throughout the world. We recently had the opportunity to speak to Todd Purgason and Dr. Mark Ambrose about their project.

Tell us about the project:

This initiative was the result of our study as a church. We wanted to focus on grace and the gift of forgiveness, both of which are undeserved and unearned. Grace means that you receive something profound that you don’t expect or deserve. It feels good to experience grace because it makes you feel loved. And it gives you a small glimpse of who you can be.

In our study, it was clear that when we experience grace from others (i.e. random acts of kindness), it resonates deep within our souls. But it also provides a sample of what it could be like to experience God’s saving grace. The Promote Grace project aims to create opportunities for people to experience the power of giving and receiving random acts of kindness.

How does the program work?

The way Promote Grace works is simple, a person demonstrates an act of grace towards someone else and then gives them a branded Promote Grace card. It’s that easy, no dialog or interaction needs to take place. And depending on the act, this can be done with total confidentiality. Our only goal is that a card be given. Hopefully, the experience will create a curiosity that prompts people to log onto the website where they can discover a more in-depth look into grace and all it has to offer. The goal is for people to make the connection between what they experienced and the opportunity to also experience or learn about God’s ultimate act of grace.

What makes the project unique?

Often the idea of religion can feel uncomfortable or awkward. We believe this is why most people today don’t openly discuss faith. As a result, evangelism becomes a guilt driven topic rather than a blessing, and few step into participating in it.

Promote Grace offers an opportunity to discuss religion in a new and exciting way. It isn’t uncomfortable to do something kind for someone else. It is a blessing and people are happy to receive kindness. At the same time, when a Promote Grace card is given, it points to religion in a very non-threatening way. No awkward discussion needs to take place. In fact, it is better if nothing is said at all other than “check out the website.”

We believe this program can transform the way we approach religion and the way we engage others to participate.

Who supports the project and why?

Promote Grace was launched by Pacific Coast Church, but we designed it with the hope that other churches will get involved and use our website as a resource. We hope our efforts will spread to a national level and we plan to partner with other churches and help them promote grace in their areas as well. We provide free media kits online that include artwork for people to print their own cards and stickers.

The best part about collaborating with others:

It is important that churches work together. We are excited about this opportunity and look forward to bringing positive experiences to people regardless of their beliefs.

How can people get involved?

It’s simple! Visit our website Promote Grace and explore how it works and what people have experienced. We’ve provided a four-step process that simply says:

  1. Consider Your Daily Opportunities. Think of creative ways to do something undeserved and unexpected for others.
  2. Do Something Meaningful. Make it out of the ordinary, unexpected and undeserved. We also provide creative suggestions on the website.
  3. Make the Connection. Make sure when you show an act of grace that you give or leave behind a branded card.
  4. Be Social. Help spread the word about our project by visiting your favorite social media outlet. Facebook, YouTube or Instagram. Share your story using the hashtag: #promotegrace.

A solid purpose and a meaningful mission can move mountains. We’re excited to see how this project helps connect people and spread kindness.

Originally posted on the Bulldog Drummond blog.

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