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Sometimes standing your ground is easy. Consider an issue or subject you’re deeply passionate about — one that you will not budge on. Taking a stance tends to come without much thought and often with some fire and vinegar. Now consider being asked to do something you don’t believe in — it’s likely that the same passionate stance will nudge you forward.

What do you do when your prerogative isn’t the popular vote? Do you make your voice heard? Do you go against the grain? Or do you simply follow the crowd?

Oftentimes it depends on the situation. Consider a situation where the majority of those around you are in alliance and you simply cannot agree. Business leaders face this situation everyday as it relates to cultural issues, budgets, mergers and acquisitions and more.

We recently read an article by Hanna Brooks Olsen talking about the real “Up” story. The Disney Pixar collaboration about the story of Carl Fredricksen, a 78-year-old balloon salesman who is about to fulfill a lifelong dream. The story was inspired by a true story that occurred in 2006. Edith Macefield refused to sell her home to developers. They wanted it so badly that they offered her $1M. She refused to sell so, the developers built around her house.

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Macefield is an example of standing for what you believe regardless of the pressure or prevailing wind. Oftentimes we see people (and brands) pandering to trends and the path of least resistance. They don’t have the courage to take a stance and do something appropriately different. But to be authentic, it’s necessary to remain true to your core values.

Sometimes standing your ground can be difficult. But when your passion ticks, you know it’s worth the pursuit.

Originally posted on the Bulldog Drummond Blog.

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