Why We’re Applauding JetBlue

Brands that act with purpose and intent get noticed. Brands that act with grace and humility build affinity. Just like people, everything a brand does matters — from the customer experience to the relationship with partners. And in this case, loving that crying baby made this brand matter even more.

We’ve all been there. Experienced a travel trip from hell. Tired. Ready to be home. Only to find there’s an unhappy baby aboard determined to make your flight as long as seemingly possible.

JetBlue aims to change that mindset. And the brand is now being recognized across the globe for doing so.

Fortune quotes “Agency MullenLowe and JetBlue did something pretty shrewd for their FlyBabies campaign: they offered 25% off of passengers’ flights each time a baby cried on the plane. Instead of unhappy glares and whispered complaints, the passengers started cheering and clapping each time a baby began acting out.”-Brilliant.

Watch the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xQyfu1LrOSM

A great reminder that brands have the opportunity to create purposeful exchanges each and every day.

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